3 time management tips- when you are a mom, employee and entrepreneur

They say being a mom is the most tiring job in the world; they also say being an entrepreneur is the toughest work there could ever be. Well, being a mom, a full time employee, and an entrepreneur all at the same time is just another level. 

As a mom of two toddlers (Lucas 4 and Oliver 2) and a full time employee at an international bank in Brussels, I started the blue print of my business about 2 years ago when my Oliver was still a tiny baby. With the support of my husband Fred, I launched the business about a year ago. And that is what you are seeing here - the chic and multiple purpose nursing cover that allows a mom to nurse in style. 

Here I want to share with you 3 tips on time management when you are a mom and sidepreneur:

1.    Spend some time everyday on each aspect                                      

Needless to say, it is important to spend enough (quality) time with your kids everyday. Similarly, as little as it may be, try to spend some time everyday to work on your business. When you are in the office, you should also take the opportunity to develop certain transversal skills- that can be done even by doing the dullest tasks.

2.    It is okay to adjust your priority of the day 

Your family will always be your priority, but it is okay to adjust it from time to time- spending more time at the office than usual to meet a deadline, putting your kids in front of the TV (yes guilty) for a while just so you can get something ready to be shipped to the customers. Remember though, even just for 10 minutes, spend some real quality time with your kids - otherwise you will probably feel really guilty looking at their angelic faces when they are sound asleep in bed (yes I've been there). 

3.    Multitasking when it makes sense

You definitely don't want to multitask when you are spending quality time with your kids - otherwise the quality will be diluted for sure. But there are other opportunities out there for multitasking- little things that you can get out of your way so you don't need to block out time just to tackle them. For instance, you can work on your social media posts while you are on the metro to work (instead of checking your Facebook feeds for the 50th time); you can also create your to-do list of the day/ week when waiting in the queue at the grocery store.  


Yes, being a mom and a sidepreneur is tough, but it is also incredibly rewarding. You will probably get less sleep on weekdays, but hey, that would be quite a legitimate excuse to nap with your kids on a weekend afternoon. 

I hope this post has been helpful. Stay tuned for more of my working mom and entrepreneur guide!


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